Life is good...damn....damn

PS satellite tourney to the Sunday 350 tourney...
This guy to my right is a frickin ATM, he's rebought 4 times an decided to give me, yes me three of his rebuy stacks. Life is good. I'm sitting on easy street with about 13k and now I can play the grind game into one of the top 32 (well, there's a lot of players left but this makes folding marginal hands easy).

Ahh sweet AA, I raise a hundred only to get a guy to push all-in for about 4700 more. Sweet!
We flip AA vs 99.. he catches the river 9. Boo hoo for me.

I'm in the BB and get to see a flop with 5-8 off (power huh) it comes 5-8-Q, so of course I push all-in for 8500 only to get called by the same guy. He decided to slow-play his K-K.
The board pairs with a runner-runner and once again he doubles through me.

Now I'm crippled, with a re-buy & the add on I get to hang around for another hour and forty five minutes while folding the worst selection of junk you have every seen.

And now I get to spend time with you dear reader.

save me a seat at the final table (pulleeze)


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