Well it was a regular who's who last night at PP. With a table full of bloggers and da hammer making an appearance every couple of minutes. It was really hard to put a preflop raiser on a hand, with this group it's just as likely to be A-A as 7-2.

Sitting at a table with a bunch of bloggers is kinda like playing a game of chess, in a comedy club, while getting interviewed by a reporter, with the soundtrack to Oceans 11's being played by a Mariachi coverband. Oh yeah it's for your hard earned cash too.

The only slight, and I do mean slight plus to sitting in this game is no one has played with me much. So I don't have a modus operandi. But for the most part it's all about the fun, the banter, and putting moves on other bloggers. Moves that don't play well in the world of +EV, where you are likely to get called down by a fishy second pair or even worse. While I can speak of a slight plus, it's not even close enough to overcome the experience sitting at the table. The changing lineup was (in no particular order, sorry if I missed someone) Maudie, Badblood, SirFwalgman, Al, Pokernerd, Iggy, Hank, The Fat Guy, Anisotropy, The Doc, Otis, PokerQuest.

The best part of the evening? SirFwalgman getting irked after I pushed allin on him for the second time (in a row I think). The first time was a hammer hand (which I showed), the second was 10-10, hitting my set on the flop (which I did not show). I'm pretty sure he would beat me on a regular basis, but it's good to be lucky.

Worst part of the evening? 2 hands from quitting and getting 10-10, and the big stack (Pokernerd) comes back over the top for all your marbles. I went with it, only to see his J-J do a little dance on my 10-10. Damn he plays g00t!

save me a seat at the blogger table


At 4:07 PM , Blogger Ignatious said...

one of my home games is in ft thomas. you'll have to come play in it sometime. :)

At 6:41 PM , Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

I was a pleasure to play with ya. I realized that I've played with you before but didn't know you were UWannaBet!

At 4:13 PM , Blogger Human Head said...

Why have I not seen this blog yet? Oh yes, I'm a moron. I have a lock-on now though, thanks for the entertaining reading!

At 9:55 AM , Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Hey it was fun playing with you.. Not sure what your screen name was. I am guessing your on the plus side of taking Sir's money. lol.


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