Change is good

Both of my readers may notice I changed the look around here. If you never change, you can never evolve. If either of my readers have any suggestions about the layout, look, etc. let me know.

(No mom I will not put a border of flowers around the sides of my blog, quit suggesting it).

And as thanks to AlCantSpellSirFWALGMan, for posting a picture of a couple of summertime girls. I have found his dream bartender VirtualBartender

save me a seat at the final table


At 10:17 PM , Blogger AlCantHang said...

Damn, you scooped me :)

I found the virtual bartender last night. Pretty funny. Try the "jiggle" and "jump" commands.

At 12:28 PM , Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

I like the new look!


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