Big Six #8

When & what started you playing poker?

I started playing poker in late 2003 after catching a few episodes of the WSOP. I was working at a film production company and some of my colleagues started a home game. I started playing there, in NLHE freezeouts and made a $50 deposit at an online room shortly thereafter, where I started playing limit hold'em. From there I discovered the Commerce Casino just down the freeway and I was hooked. It was maybe the only thing back in those days that could turn my brain off from work and Hollywood-- even watching TV or a movie was work-related at its root.

First poker blog you read?

Ironically enough, the Tao of Poker ;)

Will online poker become legal, illegal, or no change?

I think it will eventually become legal in the U.S. but it will take several years. I would have said early to mid-'09 before the UB and AP scandals broke, but with the 60 Minutes piece on the horizon this fall, it could really make politicians want to stay away.

One thing you could change about Poker what would it be?

No more Ed Hardy hats and t-shirts at the tables.

Dead or Alive: One person you would like to play poker with? Why?

Right now, maybe Barack Obama. Wouldn't you kill to be a fly on the wall in one of those late-night campaign trail games with his aides?

Vanilla or chocolate?



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