Big Six #7

Poker Girl in Vegas

When & what started you playing poker?

Well, I started playing poker when I lived in Florida with my then boyfriend Miami Don . He had Poker Stars on his computer and he taught me how to play Texas Hold-Em online. I was instantly in love! I played constantly and the two of us would have to take turns using the computer (thankfully we both have our own computers now). Once I knew the basics and became somewhat comfortable playing online, we drove to places like the Palm Beach Kennel Club to play in live tournaments. I was forever hooked! Side note - the first time I ever came to Vegas, I played in a tourney at Binion's and won! It was a total fluke that I won, but it was the best feeling in the world!! Beginner's luck!!

First poker blog you read?

The first blog I read was Katitude's . I thought it was so cool that she was a female playing poker and blogging about it. I was so excited when I finally got to meet her in person. She rocks.

Will online poker become Legal, illegal, or no change?

The online poker thing doesn't really affect me because I live in Las Vegas, but I absolutely hope they legalize it again someday. Nobody should ever be punished for playing poker - puleeze!!

One thing you could change about Poker what would it be?

The only thing I don't like about poker is that occasionally it can be a little boring. I mean, I have a really hard time sitting still EVER - so to sit in front of a computer or in a live tourney for hours on end is BRUTAL to me. Of course if I'm paying attention to the players and to the action then I shouldn't be bored, but I usually just talk to everyone else at the table, listen to my ipod or read blogs if I'm online. What can I say? I have a short attention span!

Dead or Alive: One person you would like to play poker with? Why?

I would play with Stu Unger. Ever since I read his book I've been captivated by him. He was such a smart guy and he died way before his time. Stu was a drug addict and so am I, so I can totally relate to his struggles and to those inner demons.

Vanilla or chocolate?

Vanilla if it's ice cream, chocolate if it's candy!


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