Empty Delivery?

It's been thirty years since we've seen a triple crown winner. Yet Big Brown is on the cusp of snapping that thirty year drought. With the early morning news of Casino Drive being scratched with a stone bruise on his left hind hoof, does it leave any real contenders in the field?

For what it's worth I'd love to see a triple crown winner in my lifetime, but with the field being rather weak in the Belmont does it cheapen the title if Big Brown scores the win today? I say yes. Don't get me wrong I've rooted for Big Brown & the impressive way he put away the field in the Pimlico, I was convinced that he had "it."

As a bettor I was going to play against Big Brown today with Casino Drive, his very impressive wins, coupled with the better price made sense. I fully expected to see Big Brown to go off at 1-5, now without Casino Drive out 1-9 looks like the number.

I'm sad to see that they've decided to scratch Casino Drive, but with today's racing culture where I think many trainers/owners tend to push the horses a bit too much, I admire the decision. Often you see horses that in the past could have been scratched or given an extra few weeks to recover, right back into the fray. The drive for success & cash is clouding the traditional view of how to properly handle a horse. (Stepping off soapbox now)

Today if Big Brown does glide across the wire with a 4 length victory, so be it but I will always put an asterisk next to his name. Not because Dutrow has him juiced up on the horse version of
"The Clear & Cream" but simply that the field is devoid of competition.

Save me a seat...err... Many return trips to the window


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