Welcome to WSOP WAP (Wild Ass Predictions) I've thought long & hard spent nearly 15 whole minutes researching these predictions. I've run them through a scenario generator over and over. Compiled the data and decided to grace you gentle reader with my wild ass predictions.

The main event will be won by a Pro this year.

Doyle, Chan, & Binger will all pick up bracelets.

Helmuth will go braceletless.

Negranu will flounder. (hate to say that as he can read anyone in the game)

Erik Seidel will have one of the best WSOP's overall.

Annie Duke will complain incessantly about something being unfair (bad quality cards, poor lighting, ice is not cold enough etc. etc.) while the camera happens to be focused on her.

The number of Main event entrants will be less than 6700.

Jamie Gold will make a huge bluff (and get called quicker than you can say he-haw).

These past winners will bust out of the main event in this order
Moneymaker, Gold, Hachem, Raymer.

Random WSOP Fact
Twice in the history of the main event the losing hand was A-A (Dewey Tomko, Bobby Hoff)

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save me a seat at the final table


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