Things don't change

I needed a breather from the oft insane would that many of us like to prowl around in. So I put my 6 shooters on the mantle for about a month, & did nothing related to poker. (I lie, I can't stop reading some of y'all) Over the past week or so I've decided to step back & return to the limit waters (although it's a larger pool mind you). Utterly unbelievable. It's like all of the 50c $1 fishies decided load up & step up, their play is the same utterly unfathomable, donkablogafantasticoreddelicious (yes I just TM'ed that bad boy). Things don't change for the stupid, chasing that 2 outer all the way to the river will get your fishie prayers answered like manna wafting down from the heavens. Scary to think that some of these people reproduce, but alas dear friend you have once again given me your digital shoulder to cry on.
Thanks again.
I'm off to figure out how it's a good thing to chase the third best flush to the river (while only holding one of the correct suit) after it's been capped at every step, but I'll never understand why they always seem to hit it.

Chin up, just keep swimming & save me a seat at the final table.


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