**********Warning Hand History************

We obviously know that 2 pair always looses but any advice on this hand (besides calling the big bet that I'm certain has hit the flush)? Any way to push someone off this hand? I'm not very happy with my play on this hand but after folding for what seems to be an eternity, anyone can fall into the trap of overvaluing a crap hand....

This is still fairly early in a 1000+ player tourney

SB: T$4675
BB: T$1900
HERO (UTG): T$1600
UTG+1: T$3070
MP1: T$2310
MP2: T$2055
MP3: T$1725
CO: T$1065
Button: T$5955

SB posts Small Blind T$40
BB posts Big Blind T$80

Pre-flop: Qd Jh (T$120)
HERO calls T$80
UTG+1 folds
MP1 calls T$80
MP2 folds
MP3 folds
CO folds
Button folds
SB calls T$40
BB checks

Flop: Qs 3s Jd ($320)
SB checks
BB checks
HERO bets T$320 (would an overbet push him off the draw?)
MP1 folds
SB calls T$320
BB folds

Turn: Qs 3s Jd 8s (T$960)
SB checks
HERO checks

River: Qs 3s Jd 8s Th (T$960)
SB bets T$480
HERO calls T$480 (this hurts my soul)

SB shows 6s 7s
SB wins T$1920 with a flush Queen high



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